Ultra Spill Pallet Plus (IBC)
Ultra Spill Pallet Plus (IBC)
Ultra Spill Pallet Plus (IBC)
Ultra Spill Pallet Plus (IBC)
Ultra Spill Pallet Plus (IBC)

Ultra Spill Pallet Plus (IBC)

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IBC Spill Pallet

The Ultra IBC Spill Pallet Plus offers benefits that are second to none. Contain up to 2 IBC tanks on this 100% polyethylene pallet from the world leaders in spill containment, UltraTech

  • 100% polyethylene construction – offers excellent chemical resistance and will not rust or corrode.
  • Forkliftable for convenient positioning.
  • Optional bucket shelf catches leaks and spills during dispensing.
  • 3,850kg load capacity allows double stacking of IBCs, saving space and money on secondary containment.
  • Dimensions: 1,575mm (L) x 1,575mm (W) x 711mm (H)
  • Containment capacity: 1,363L

Ultra IBC Pallet Bucket Shelf

  • Capture spills from leaky taps on IBCs with the Ultra IBC Bucket Shelf.
  • Spills over 11L are channelled back into the main sump of the IBC Spill Pallet.
  • Dimensions: 495mm (L) x 406mm (W) x 368mm (H)

IBC - Pull over Cover

Protect IBCs stored outside from the elements and stop the spill pallet filling with rainwater with an Ultra Pull Over Cover for IBC spill pallets.

Drainage Bung

Available extra to allow for easy drainage if required