Spill Response Training

SpillBases Spill Response Training was developed whilst considering aspects of The Health and Safety at Work (Hazardous SubstancesRegulations 2017

Who should do this course:

Anyone who is working around any chemicals whether it be in manufacturing, storage and logistics, infrastructure or maintenance to name a few.

Anyone who is using or coming into contact with chemicals in their workplace must be given training in all aspects of keeping themselves and those working around them safe in the event of a spill situation.

For your team to get the most out of the course and to encourage engagement the best solution is to break into 3 parts:

Session  – Onsite approx. 2 hours
  1. General changes to health and safety – understanding your responsibilities
  2. The key pieces of legislation that govern the use of Hazardous substances in the workplace
  3. Understanding the two classification systems that help you identify the risks whilst using a chemical.
  4. Important changes that were implemented, reasons behind the changes and consequence for non compliance.
  5. The importance of Safety Data Sheets and understanding them
  6. Understanding the consequences of non-compliance with mandatory PPE requirements
  7. The products contained with in a spill kit and where each product and product type fits in
  8. The correct safe (best practice) procedure for assessing and cleaning up a spill
  9. Relevant authorities to contact for information or assistance
  10. Potential upcoming changes

We also include a Spill Drill Exercise so your team get a better understanding of how fast a scenario can unfold and why they should follow the procedures laid out. 

Feel free to email us for more information to ensure your staff are up to speed and have the relevant training or book a 15 minute no obligation call to discuss your requirements. 

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