Spill Sorb - Absorbent Peat
Spill Sorb - Absorbent Peat
Spill Sorb - Absorbent Peat

Spill Sorb - Absorbent Peat

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*Available in various size bags for different situations

Absorbent Peat is the most effective product for large hydrocarbon spills being oil, petrol, diesel etc. Can also be used for absorbing cooking oil, oil based paints and other oily residues.

Kiln dried peat is also hydrophobic so will repel water and absorb oil off the surface.

  • Spill absorbent soaks up to 4 times its weight
  • Suitable for oil, petrol, diesel etc, any hydrocarbon based substance
  • Certified to EN362:2004/B standard I CE Marked
  • Spill-Sorb® can be used for spills on land and water
  • Super absorbent Spill-Sorb® is non-abrasive, non-toxic and non-leaching
  • Safe to put into landfill, incinerate or land farm. Check with your local authority for disposal requirements